We believe that good style is anything but ordinary.

The way we style our hair. Which haircut we choose. The way we wear our beard. And what scent we choose. It's all part of our personality. Our individual style. So why should we rely on products created for the mass market? Exceptional style requires exceptional products.

When we first held a niche product of a homebrew brand in our hands we were impressed by the individuality of these brands. Brands created by real people. Elaborately handcrafted from hand-picked ingredients. With a clear vision that we could not find on the otherwise uniform mass market. Created for people who want to express their personality with individual products.

We knew that we absolutely had to bring this experience to Europe.

So we set out to find the best care products. Worldwide. Fought our way through a jungle of niche brands and tested a whole mountain of products.

What we found were innovative premium products. From the most renowned barbershops, from the best homebrewers and from niche brands in demand.

We bring the best care products from around the world home to you!

Our focus is mainly on the US-American market. A market which with its colourful barber and homebrewer scene has been revolutionizing our care not just yesterday.

Before we decide to add a new brand to our range we test every product. In the end only those products that we are really enthusiastic about make it on PW STYLE. Products that are truly unique.

In 2016 we founded PW STYLE. And since then we have been happy about everyone we have been able to inspire with our exclusive care. An enthusiasm that never lets you go. Which doesn't let go of us either.

Since then we have continually expanded our range. We now carry over 300 hand-picked products from almost 20 brands from all over the world. Always in search of the next extraordinary product.